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Lessons to be Learned

Satan's Intelligence and World Leaders' Ignorance

Friday, June 27th, 2014

What is happening is totally beyond the power of human intellects to grasp. They see only the pieces, the fragments, the individual events of destruction. Even then, they see only what is most evident and on the surface.

The only ones who see are those involved in destroying the earth. They see because they are demonic, enlightened by the Evil One. He gladly reveals his strategy. He reveals the weakness of the defenses. He shows them safeguards that have been foolishly set aside. He shows them what is ripe for destruction and what must wait for a later moment. He shows them what weapons to use and what tactics to employ. He teaches them how to lie and deceive, and how to be protected by false treaties.

He clouds the minds of world leaders and compromises them by their sins. He always holds before their eyes the political consequences of any move they might choose. In this way, he paralyses them and forces them to hold back.

So effective has Satan been, that he can hardly believe that a world which had been so strong, has become weak and ready for a complete takeover. He owns the whole field. He has no enemies, especially no strong America, to oppose him. All of his strategies come together. What he has planned for centuries is coming to fruition, a harvest of disruption, distraction and untold suffering.

He has only one real enemy, the Woman, whom the heavenly Father announced from the beginning (Gen. 3:15). I have not delayed. I never delay. My work is hidden. I am raising up my army. Reader, I invite you and the whole world to enlist. When you see an opportunity to gather with others in my name accept it immediately.

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