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Lessons to be Learned

That Cancer of Isis

Saturday, June 28th, 2014

No one sees. No one understands. A country is torn apart and divided. A group, whose heart is totally evil and dedicated to destruction, quickly rips apart Iraq and claims a part for its own. Now its evil heart takes on a full body. It has its own country with land and resources, a firm base for its operations.

This group is like a new cancer that has entered the human body. It is powerful, totally dedicated to evil, and now it has its own life. Can no one see the newness of this situation? A cancer is small compared to the whole body but it contains death within its cells, an evil quickly carried by the blood stream to other parts.

So it will be with ISIS. Do not think that they will just be content with Iraq. They see the whole body, the entire world, and they want to bring their cancer everywhere. I no longer say that it is late. I say that it is too late. The world leaders have failed miserably to contain the evil. Now it is out of its container. It has broken lose. Only heaven has the antidote. I speak now so that when all happens, the world has faith that heaven is more powerful than hell.

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