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Lessons to be Learned

An Infection that Needs Cleansing

Thursday, June 26th, 2014

Why are these events taking place? They are not the birth pangs of life with a normal sequence and purpose. The breasts do not get ready to feed a new child. Do not look for new life from these events.

These events have the same source as the two world wars which drove mankind off course. After World War I, the seeds for World War II were planted in the peace treaties. After World War II, the evil seeds were placed in the atomic bomb.

Each war opened out to a new and greater evil which has never been purged from the human system. These events are not birth pangs. They are a powerful infection that must come to the moment of crisis. That is where the events are going, to a moment of purging, to a cleansing that will inevitably take place. However, how will this happen? Who will be the doctor? Who understands the illness? Who knows the remedies?

O mankind, do not trust yourself to human leaders who are unskilled in the ways of heaven. I will be your doctor, if only you seek my services.

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