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A Year Filled with Dangers

What Must be Done?

Monday, January 7th, 2013

I lift up my voice now, before all of this occurs, so that the nations cannot say that I speak only when all is too late. My words are saving words, spoken when decisions can be made that would avert the disasters. So, I will speak those words and at the same time ask, “O world, do you really want to hear my words? More important, will you act upon them?” These words, spoken now, will be your salvation if you act. Otherwise, they will condemn you for once more refusing to respond. Let me begin:

1. Stop killing the unborn. That is my greatest commandment.

2. Stop destroying family life. I hate divorce and those who believe that marriage is not a life-long commitment.

3. Remove your technology that brings about human life in an unnatural way.

4. Remove your greed that sells weapons to nations and to armed groups for the highest profit.

The list is very long but even now you see that you have no desire to act on my requests.

The armies are all around. The darkness gathers but who can defend the walls of Israel? I speak now to those who dwell in Jerusalem and all the cities that surround her. Call upon my name. Do not wait for the full manifestation of my love for you. You know me. I am Mary, the virgin mother of Jesus. At least you know my name, even though all that I will do for you is not yet revealed. This you do not need to know. You can begin now. You know my name, Mary. You know that I gave birth to Jesus in Bethlehem, the City of David. That is enough. Call upon me and I will come.

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