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A Year Filled with Dangers

No Exits to Safety

Saturday, January 5th, 2013

The world has come to a point of silence. All the voices are quieted. Those who believed that their human plans could save the world, now have nothing to say. The scales that prevented mankind from seeing have fallen from his eyes. Soon, so very soon, the whole human race will see the road that it has traveled and the point to which it has come. Nowhere to go! There are no exits from the problems, no roads to safety. Mankind cannot even retreat because it plunges headlong into its own disasters.

At that moment, I will speak and the nations that refused to listen will have no choice. “There is only one saving voice”, they will say. Too bad that I had to bring the world to this point so they would hear my word and return to me.

Her enemies encircle Jerusalem once again, just as before. She stands high on the hills, prominent in every way, but what good is that when those more powerful are closing in on every side?

Israel sees all too clearly what is taking place. She knows who her enemies are, the size of their armies and the weapons that are aimed at her. Oh, Israel, the land of my birth, I am coming for you. I am hurrying toward you. Someday, I will clasp you at my breasts and you will suck with delight. The breasts that you scorned when you rejected my son, Jesus, still hold their milk of consolation. Yes, I have not forgotten you. Can a mother forget the child of her womb?

Even though you have said, “Jesus is not our prophet. He is not our Messiah”, I have not accepted your rejection. I am not your spouse. You cannot divorce me. I am your mother and you cannot renounce the woman who gave you birth.

You do not know me but someday I will rejoice when you proclaim, “Mary is our mother”. That will be your day of festival.

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