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The Champion with the Trophy

Friday, March 9th, 2012

Do not allow the forces of evil to overwhelm you. These forces have no power over you unless you yield to them. They are like dark clouds in the sky. They are not strong walls (although they try to give that appearance). They are easily penetrated by any airplane and are scattered by the wind. They are a shadow, not a reality. They pretend to have great powers to make people fear, but when confronted by the power of Jesus and ordered to disperse in his name, then they must go. This is the experience of which I will speak.

Satan has a reputation as a “strong man” who can enslave the whole human race. My Son, Jesus, has confronted this problem. Yes, Satan is a strong man whose home is filled with those whom he has captured by their addictions, promiscuity and openness to the occult. However, my Son, Jesus, has described himself as one who is stronger, who ties up the strong man and despoils all his possessions.

Learn this well. If you are alone, you are no match for Satan. If you call upon Jesus’ name, Satan is no match for you. I will give you some examples. You must keep your eyes open and see.

Satan ensnares human relationships. What should go smoothly gets entangled. Anger flares up and words are said. It seems like an impossible situation. Efforts to reconcile fail miserably. Step back and discern. Where did the anger enter? Where were the turns in the road.? Go back to that point in your relationship. See where the darkness entered. Now call upon Jesus to cast out the evil. Suddenly, a hope comes, light enters and you see a way to overcome the problem. “Overcome”, that is the word. Jesus helps you to overcome.

I could cite many more examples. Whenever evil enters and takes hold, Satan is binding you as a captive. Jesus always sets free and “Whomever the Son sets free, is free indeed.”

Now, I give you the secret of freedom. Look at your whole life. In what areas are you not free? What addictions do you have? What vices control you? What in your personality seems to destroy everything? In these areas, Satan holds some control. You must claim the power of Jesus. Call on his name. He delights to bind Satan and steal his possessions.

Jesus came to set the captives free. That is you. He rejoices in binding up Satan and rescuing you. You will be Jesus’ trophy of victory. He will hold you up, like a champion after his victory. More important, you will be free to fulfill God’s purpose in your life.

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