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What Passes and What Lasts?

Thursday, March 8th, 2012

Do not judge by what you see. You need the word of God to enlighten you, because your unenlightened mind is fooled and dazzled by the world’s light. Only a mind enlightened by the Holy Spirit can see the foolishness of the world and can declare that the world’s light is no light at all.

The world seems permanent, the great reality that is the theater for the human person. Really, the world is just a stage, always passing away. The actors of one century give way to those coming after them. The names change. Famous ones are forgotten. Those who seemed so important fade into history. What is this all about?

Look at earth with an enlightened mind. See that all is passing and changing. Nothing on earth perdures. Kingdoms rise and fall. Nations have their moments of importance and of decline. Only the human person perdures. Only the person survives. Wisdom must ask the question, “What is of lasting value? Not riches or fame or power or position. Only the human soul, the person made in God’s image, does not fade and die.

This is my message, O reader. You have wisdom and property and position. All of these will fade. You also have a soul, an immortal soul. When all passes away, when your body can no longer sustain life, you will have only your soul. Death will strip you naked of everything. Then, why are these things so important to you now?

If at death, you will have only your immortal soul, why is it now so unimportant to you? Is this not a reversal of values, a foolishness? You value what is passing and you overlook what is immortal. So, I plead with you. Take care of your immortal soul. Become right with God. This is in your hands. Everyone can be justified by God’s grace. Open your heart to God’s purifying action. Do not be afraid of God’s fire. It is a saving flame that burns away only your sins.

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