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Self Love Destroys A True Relationship

Saturday, July 2nd, 2011

Because love is a fire which consumes, my children must be concerned about what they love. Too often their hearts go in the wrong direction and the fire of desires burns them.

That is why I invite every human heart to enter into my Immaculate Heart where I place a true divine and human love. Without divine love, human love is weak, fickle, unable to be sustained and subject to the scourge of self-love. When self-love is present, a hundred becomes fifty and fifty becomes twenty. Self-love steals and robs, taking for itself what was meant for the other. It is like a tax, selfishly draining off true love. As self-love grows, true love grows less. A relationship which began with great generosity soon becomes a test of wills.

The relationship which began with great promise finds itself burdened with self-love. The relationship limps along, a caricature of what could have been. Sometimes, the relationship is broken and the couple separates.

None of this need happen, if only the couple would realize that self-love destroys true love. Their love must always be purified and they cannot do this by themselves. How many couples have asked, “What can we do to regain our original love?”

On this feast, I speak to husbands and wives, to young people who are in a serious relationship, even to all the world. Every day, place your heart in my heart and I will place you in the divine fire. Your love will be purified and your relationship will be free of the burdens of self-love.

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