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The Fires of Destruction

Friday, July 1st, 2011

Why is the world so troubled, so agitated and filled with such turmoil? Look around. All is in disarray. Armies line up, trying to preserve peace and there is no peace.

All turmoil comes from the heart of man and it goes forth from there. Yet, no one speaks about man’s heart and no one claims power to quiet the heart of man.

They have rejected my Son. His heart was gentle and he was able to make the hearts of his disciples gentle. Having rejected him, the world has no power to quell the inner fires of destruction. Only Jesus’ gentle heart is able to say “Father, forgive them”. Only his gentle heart can say “Love your enemies. Do good to those who hate you.”

Even those who profess his name do not possess his gentle heart and do not live according to his words. That is the state of the world.

Fire after fire breaks out but these are the fires of destruction, not the fires of love. Love is found in only one place – the Sacred Heart of my Son. When will mankind learn to seek this new fire. Instead, it holds on to the human fires. It launches its destroying fire, claiming that this is how peace comes about.

O foolish man, your hearts bring forth every possible evil and yet you believe that you can restore creation to its original goodness. Can fools being forth wisdom? Can what destroys bring about restoration?

You need a hew heart. Yes, that is what mankind needs – a new heart – a heart transplant. That is what I offer you. Come into my heart and I will give you the heart of my Son. Otherwise, your intellects will create greater weapons and your hearts will try to solve your problems by destroying the earth. This does not have to happen, but it will, if you do not enter my Immaculate Heart.

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