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The Path to Peace

Why? Where? How?

Friday, July 17th, 2015

Why? Why are all these events taking place? Where? Where do they lead? How? How will the human race survive? For my Children of the Locutions, I have already answered these questions, many times. My great light is imbedded in my words. Yet children often ask the same questions over and again, looking for more complete answers.

Why? You must see every event with the eyes of supernatural faith. In this way, you can easily see that all evil comes from Satan who uses human persons as his earthly instruments.

Where? They lead to more and greater confusion. The events are all linked. They are not haphazard. An intelligence lies behind them. They prepare for each other. If not halted, they will lead to an unending series of greater and greater darkness.

How? The human race will survive only by heaven’s help. If people set aside their consuming earthly concerns and truly seek me, I will come quickly with all the power of heaven. These truths are very familiar to all the Children of the Locutions. Now I must go further and give direction.

As you see and hear these events, do not let any fear grasp your heart. Do not be paralyzed. Instead, seek my light. There is so much you can do and so many steps which you must take. For you, every event of darkness will become a moment of light. Each event will remind you of one more action you can take.

Most important! Each event will touch your heart. You will say, ‘I must seek the light fully. I cannot compromise with darkness.”

Now you see. I will use the events of darkness to make all of you children of greater light. A moment will come when you will be totally committed to my light and will have nothing to do with darkness, because you see what it does.

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