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Our Lady's Plan for Saving the

The Two Streams

Thursday, May 8th, 2014

Events flow like a continual stream, but where do they flow? History is not determined by the heavenly Father. From the very beginning, he has placed human history in the hands of mankind and has allowed him to write the story.

Oh, what a story he wrote – a story of wars and selfishness. Then, the Father, because he so loved the world, took pity on mankind and sent Jesus, his only Son, into the world. Now, there could be a different history, and a stream that flowed back to its heavenly source.

Again, mankind made its free choice and today, two streams exist, flowing side by side. The one stream brings hell and the other stream beings heaven.

In these locutions, I try to widen the stream of heaven and bring it close to every person. These locutions have no limits. They are not just heard in the churches but flow out to all the world.

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