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Mother of Hope

The Tottering Kingdoms

Tuesday, March 11th, 2014

All is built upon hope. When man is filled with hope, man builds his homes and his kingdoms. When these are threatened, he must cling to hope. When all is destroyed, he has only hope that he can rebuild. Without hope, he accepts defeat and plans no future.

These are my words. Listen carefully. Mankind has built his homes and constructed his kingdoms. Before his very eyes, these kingdoms are tottering. The winds are blowing and the rains are falling. The floods that will sweep away these kingdoms will soon follow. Hopes will be shattered. Without hope, no future is rebuilt because all your human hopes are taken away.

I, alone, am the Mother of Hope and in those days, only those who have heard my word will have hope. The future of the world will be removed from the hands of mankind. I will hold that future in my hands. I will invite all to come. O reader, come now, right now. There is no hope for the future except with the Woman Clothed With the Sun.

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