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The Secrets of Mary's Heart

Finding Mary's Part

Tuesday, June 18th, 2013

God has a plan and every person has their individual place in that plan. The purpose of history is that every person fulfill God’s plan. This is both for God’s glory and for the complete fulfillment of the human person. Unfortunately, many do not reach this goal. Many do not even know their purpose in life. Many deliberately choose their own path which leads them into many unforeseen difficulties.

I am present to everyone in the world and I try to get them to see God’s path and walk in it. I make the path easy and inviting. I offer them my love and my warmth. I remove obstacles and overcome their fears.

When I see someone begin to walk this path I rejoice. I send the angels to protect them and I pour out many blessings of encouragement. Happy the soul who has found my path and walks on it. I will bless that soul all the days of his life. This is the deepest secret of my heart.

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