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A Point of No Return

Tuesday, June 19th, 2012

No one knows what lies in the future. These secrets are held in the Father’s heart. He sees these future events but he does not determine them. He allows human history to flow from human hearts and human decisions. This is the way it has been since the beginning, even though the original choices of man were sinful and led the human race away from God.

At times, God was tempted to wipe man off the face of the earth and to begin again, but, time and again, he has accepted my pleas for divine mercy.

Now, we arrive again at that stage when sinfulness has brought the human race to a turning point. Will it be a point of no return, from which the human race will never free itself, or, will it be a last minute victory, a surprising victory over the forces of evil. What will this year hold? This is a vital question. The decisions made this year will affect mankind for decades.

There are watershed moments, when contending forces reach their peak. One wins and the other loses. One dominates and the other loses all his power. One claims victory and the other must surrender in defeat. Sometimes, the difference between victory and defeat is very small and, with a little more effort, the victory could have been won. These are all the variables in what is taking place and going to take place.

What will happen? The question is still to be answered, but day by day, the options to victory narrow. The human race is losing time and is running out of opportunities. These must be a massive reversal, a world-wide return to God. This is beyond the power of man. A worldwide return is totally a gift from heaven, a new moment and a new opportunity. I promise to give the human race this moment when the light of God fills every heart and each person has the chance to again choose the light. Do not just wait for that moment. Prepare for it. Set aside the things of darkness in your life. Right now I call you into new light.

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