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To the Leaders of Nations

Sunday, March 11th, 2012

The nations go their own way, following the path of self-interest, opening their hearts only when they see their own advantage. They call this the international community, but it is no community at all because it has no king, no leader, no one with a vision which could invite them to higher goals. Each nation strengthens its military, some for aggressive purposes and others for self defense.

What is the problem? Why is the world being ripped apart? The nations, even the Christian nations, have set aside my Son. He is the King and Lord of all the nations. Someday, he will return in glory and will gather the nations before him. All will give an account. All the presidents, all the prime ministers, all the kings, all the senators, all the dictators, all the rich and all the powerful will all be stripped of their authority. They will bow down before the King of Kings and they will give an accounting of their stewardship. They will see their foolish pride and their wisdom will be revealed as foolishness. Their crimes will be exposed and their hidden deeds brought to light.

Why do I say this? I want to speak to world leaders on every level. If you are to govern well, you must realize that my Son, Jesus, is the King of Kings, that he holds the whole history of the world in his hands. If you want to be a good president or a faithful leader, he must be your King and you must rule in his Spirit.

Do not trust your own powers. Your heart is selfish and those around you walk in darkness. Your decisions are no better than those who preceded you. Trying to govern without Jesus Christ will only lead you into greater darkness.

The nations do not see this selfishness of nationalism. They do not ask what their nation can do for the world. They are blind leaders who think they are enlightened. I say this clearly, “Unless you live in the light of Jesus Christ, you walk in darkness. Even worse, you will lead your nation down the road of darkness.

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