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The Spreading World Wide Problems

Wednesday, July 6th, 2011

No one knows the future events which will shape the world, nor do they know how to prepare for them. However, those who listen to my words will be made ready. Although the forces of destruction will be great, they will not destroy my little ones. So, listen carefully.

It will seem as if everything will be swept away – all the structures of society and all the safeguards to human life. There will be breakdowns because many will be selfishly stirred, thinking that they can better their lot by toppling those in power. Really, Satan just uses these uprisings to serve his own goals and to inflict even graver hardships upon the people. This has already begun and the end is not yet in sight. The turmoil increases. The wars drag on. Both sides dig in their heels. This is what delights Satan – constant, daily, ongoing death and suffering.

The problems will spread. They will not be of the same nature because circumstances vary but they will have the same essential qualities. When some conditions are not right, Satan will stir up protests. He will raise up those who will cleverly lead the people down Satan’s path. Many will follow, duped by the clever rhetoric but also hoping that their condition can be improved. This will always be his bait – the hopes of people to improve their condition.

I would gladly improve the economic condition of my peoples. I would show them how to call upon me, how to join together in ways that would truly benefit them. But they do not call upon me or learn from me. Instead, they listen to other voices that lead them down destructive paths, which center upon overthrowing what they see as evil. There are other means and other ways. I would gladly point these out. People can build a new world, not one based upon destruction. Do you build by destroying? Do you gain peace by stirring up unrest? What power to stir unrest exists in today’s world! A click of the Internet, a careful use of the electronic media, and thousands are stirred to unrest. The modern world is not prepared for these new stirrings. Man thought he had all the answers!

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