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A Purified Earth

Tuesday, July 5th, 2011

Divine love is like a single drop in the gigantic ocean of man’s sins. Yet this single drop has the power to cleanse the entire ocean.

Now the ocean is dirty, polluted by man’s selfishness. People drink from it because that is all they know. This water enters into every heart and from it comes all the ills of society.

Who can cleanse these waters? When will the Age of Faith be restored? The task looks hopeless. The little ones scurry to form their little groups to resist the onslaught. Many see the problem clearly and try to respond so faith is not lost. I bless all these efforts and want them multiplied so that, in this time of cultural darkness, there are little places of light. But this is not what I am talking about now.

I am talking about a new Age of Faith, when the air is purified and the water is cleansed, when faith is the air that everyone breathes and peace is the water that everyone drinks. Who can even imagine these moments. Yet, this is my goal, brought about by a special action of the heavenly Father and which I will announce ahead of time.

When this divine action begins, I do not want the little ones to despair. The Father does not want the destruction of the earth or the end of the human race. He wants a purified earth and a new mankind to come forth.

These are the great mysteries hidden in my Immaculate Heart – great mysteries, mysteries which hold the future of all mankind in their light. But who seeks this light? Who come into my Immaculate Heart. All are invited and I will reveal these mysteries to all who seek with a pure intention, that is, with a desire to live according to God’s commandments. Come, let us begin. All of good faith are welcome.

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