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Conversions through Signs and Wonders

Monday, March 21st, 2011

I speak to you whose hearts have no religious faith; to you who have never lifted your eyes to heaven, to you who have never sought a heavenly favor and to you who do not even believe that God exists. This is your hour, the hour when the stranger will become my son and the foreigner will become a citizen of heaven.

The old order is passing away. All is new. Those who have never listened to the message of faith will suddenly have ears of belief. I will take back those who have been stolen from me and I will bring back what has been carried away from me.

All are my children, the Muslims and the Buddhists and even those who claim no religion. In an instant, they will see what their culture has hidden from their eyes. I will no longer use ordinary means. In a moment, a nation will come to me. In a day, a whole tribe will turn to me. I will give signs in the heavens and will plant stirrings in their hearts. All from the least to the greatest will have a chance to believe.

What do these wonders mean? It is a moment of mercy flowing from my Immaculate Heart. A moment for the world. When all seems lost there will be a intervention of the Spirit of God, my spouse. Who can understand? Yet, in the moment of truth, all will be clear. All will have opportunity to become a child of God through the Immaculate Heart. The stranger, the alien, and the person far from faith will be united through these signs. I will be saying to them, “You also are mine.”. Some will believe and be saved.

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