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Friday, March 18th, 2011

Why do they hesitate? Why do they look at one another waiting to see what each will do? The people are at the mercy of a dictator who wants to subjugate them. This is how the world acts. It seels its own interests, and waits until it is too late, when nothing of real value can be accomplished.

Where is America? Have I not given it a special role in the world? It wastes its resources and cannot respond to the real needs. To those who would want my light, I say, “In Libya, rescue what can be rescued as quickly as possible, protecting what can be protected. Then wait for another day when America will have a different leader who will judge by truth.”

If people pray to me, I will raise up this leader. Let this word go forth. America must pray for the right leadership. If they raise their hearts and hands to me, I will touch that leader’s heart and he will accept the mantle of justice. Otherwise, he will just stay on the sidelines, because there is no divine anointing upon the political scene.

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